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About Us

We with the name Decibel+ manufacturers of high-end installed audio products. These products include Digital Signal Processing (DSP) based audio equipment, conferencing systems and allied products.

The need for advanced sound processing can be identified as sound reinforcement, conferencing, professional audio and entertainment. Decibel+ is in the forefront in providing complete solutions to all audio needs by leveraging on its knowledge and experience in high-end integration of Audio-Visual products.

Decibel+ offers compact and powerful public address systems. We are a pioneering manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Professional Amplifiers, Driver Units, Dynamic Microphones, Speaker Systems, Audio Mixers, Microphone Stands, Reflex Horns, Mono/Stereo Players, Unit Horns, etc.

Over these 15 years, we have built a strong reputation of being an innovator in the audio technology industry. We are renowned in the market for having manufactured a variety of industry-leading audio products. As of now, our products have been installed in Theaters, hotels, factories, hospitals, bus stands, railway stations, airports and in many other areas.

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