After the success of THE STENTAURE and to create a coherent model range, Davis developed the model “library” CLINT.

This two-way uses the same components as its big sister, in a case also the same pace. It is not yet a speaker “surround,” but rather an enclosure which is sufficient in itself for HIFI.
Powerful, capable of great analysis, its good performance allows the involve, inter alia, with a tube amplifier.

Tech Specs
Attribute Specification
Bass reflex Flat vents 
power 100 W 
Maximum power 130 W 
Number of Channels
Number of speakers
Yield 94 dB 
Frequency response 45 to 20000 Hz 
Tweeter Compression chamber 
Medium 1 inch driver PEEK 
Woofer 17 cm cellulose pulp 
Dimensions (cm) 23 x 33 x 31 
Weight (kg)
Impedance 4 … 8 ohms 
Crossover Frequency 3000 Hz

Meanwhile, other models in the range, we recommend 3 models MONITOR 1 for the left and right channels, the central C e Stentaure THE CLINT model and surround


CLINT is surprising. Its small size does not necessarily lead presage a serious and deep as required.

Its rigid cabinet and speaker explain this low actual performance. The vent on the back allows you to change the bass level desired, depending on its position relative to the rear wall.

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