3D Dufy


library enclosure very well designed, vibrant and dynamic

Tech Specs
Attribute Specification
Bass reflex Circular rear vent
Rated power 80 W 
Maximum power 110 W 
Number of Channels
Number of speakers
Yield 90 dB 
Frequency response 50-20000 Hz 
Tweeter 25mm tissue 
Woofer / Materials Kevlar 13 cm 
Dimensions (cm) 16.5 x 25 x 30 
Weight (kg)
Impedance 4 … 8 ohms 
Crossover Frequency 3500 Hz

Center speaker recommended for use Home cinema 3D Central

Column speakers that can be combined as part of a pack Cinema: VINCI 3D / 3D MATISSE, pregnant or HD range

Surround Library Recommended: DUFY, DUFY DUFY HD or 3D
Subwoofer recommended: 150 BASSOON


3D DUFY is an enclosure which we do not get bored.
It will surprise you with his playful nature, his desire to transcribe music accurately.

Technically, it is mainly based on its excellent speaker medium internationally renowned. It comes with a soft dome tweeter, to transcribe the very high frequencies, without becoming aggressive (as is sometimes the case on metal tweeters).
This new version is obviously compatible with older ranges in part of a home theater.

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