The KARLA speaker is using the most sophisticated drivers from DAVIS.To reach those very low frequencies, our laboratory has decided to use the PUSH-PULL charge with 2 carbon woofers. For the midrange frequencies, DAVIS has modified the 20 TK8 to get a very linear driver, from 40 to 5 000 Hz. The tweeter of the KARLA is really specific for this model, not only it has a very linear curve of sensitivity, but also it goes until 45 000 Hz in the axis. The main advantage of this tweeter is that we have used the same material (Kevlar) for the midrange and for the tweeter, also those 2 drivers are using the same geometry (cones in both case). When you listen to the KARLA, you really have the feeling that it is a same and unic driver for mid and high frequencies. A must!

Tech Specs
Attribute Specification
TYPE PUSH-PULL system with port at the back – Port for the midrange at the back too.
Nominal power 200 W
Max power 300 W
Number of ways 3
Number of drivers 4
Sensitivity 93 dB
frequency response 25 – 35 000 Hz
Tweeter Cone tweeter in kevlar / voice coil 20 mm
Midrange Kevlar 21 cm 8″ – voice coil 37 mm – Ticonal magnet
Woofer 2 x 8 inch carbon fiber drivers
Dimensions (cm) 1.50 m (height) – 0.35 m (large) and 0.60 m (depth)
Weight (kg) 160 Kgs pièce
Impedance 4 ohms mini
Frequencies cut off 90/4000 Hz
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