The speaker column discreet, very low price, but the incredible performance! 
Worth listening!

Tech Specs
Attribute Specification
Bass reflex circular vent 
power 80 W 
Maximum power 120 W 
Number of Channels
Number of speakers
Performance 91 dB 
Frequency response 45 to 21000 Hz 
Tweeter 25mm 
medium 1 x 17 cm fiberglass 
Woofer 1 x 17 cm cellulose 
Dimensions (cm) 90 x 19 x 27 
Weight (kg) 15 
Impedance 4 … 8 ohms 
Crossover Frequency 300/3000 Hz

Associated center speaker: TBA
Surround associated EVA
Housing partner: SUB EVA


MAYA is a column value / price bluffing.
We recommend asking your speakers directly on the floor. The spikes provided must be screwed to allow stability of the whole.
They can eliminate the transmission of low frequencies with the ground.
In the case of a stereo listening, we recommend that you position your speakers symmetrically with respect to the listening area. They may be slightly angled toward the listener.
We recommend a distance between the speakers of at least 3 meters from each other, for a very wide soundstage.
Set your speakers without the paste to the wall (30 cm approximately).
The vent, which is located at the front of the enclosure, provides a low level of approximately constant regardless of the position in the room.

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